territory and proud of its international brand status (it is present in over 40 countries Spar is the leader in food convenience stores in developing geographical. Rekisteröidy kaksisuuntaiset (lähetys ja vastaanotto) lyhytnumerot: Maa, koodi, asiakkaille yrityksessä, yhdysvallat 40404 (mikä tahansa). Designed as real living spaces, the importance is given to personal relationships with customers. The upper level carries food, clothes, stationery, toiletries etc. The brand is claiming its co-leader status as regards prices in the hypermarket domain. Well established in the sport sector, St Once also has concession rights in big stadiums and French race courses. They are the conceptual evolution of the historical brand of Casino Catering: Casino Cafétéria. St Once fulfills all catering needs for events as it offers real quality, by carefully selecting its products (AOP, Labels) which are used in creative recipes put together by famous chefs. Format : convenience store Number of stores: 168 Average surface: 216 m Catchment area: Ile-de-France and major French cities Website : Sherpa Exclusively located in mountain regions, Sherpa is geared towards the winter sports market and as such tends to be the reference at ski resorts, with.

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Formerly the symbol of mass consumption, the.(French pronunciation: e kzino) is a hypermarket chain based in Saint-Étienne, France, part of the French retailing giant Groupe.Géant, casino, martinique, Schlcher.

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